Frequently Asked Questions

How does Lasso Live Chat differ from other live chat services?

Unlike many other live chat services, Lasso Live Chat provides a team of educated, experienced chat operators who will conduct chats on your behalf 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Can someone from my office handle some of the chats that come through, or can I customize the script that chat operators use?

Our team of trained and experienced chat operators has handled more than one million chat conversations, so we feel incredibly confident that they are more qualified and skilled at getting leads for your site than a less experienced member of your office would be. For this reason, we encourage you to trust us with each and every chat opportunity.

Do you offer Spanish chat?

Yes we do! We have chat operators who are fluent in both English and Spanish, and you have the option of having Spanish chat installed on your entire website or just on designated pages.

What does Lasso Live Chat cost?

You will pay an initial fee to have Lasso Live Chat installed and activated on your site. After that, you will only pay for Lasso Live Chat based on performance, meaning that you will only be charged for viable leads that you receive. You will not have to pay a recurring monthly fee, nor will you be charged for contacts that are not relevant to your business.

What if my site doesn’t get a lot of traffic?

Since our pricing model is based on performance, it’s fine if your site doesn’t get much traffic, because after your initial set up fee, you will only be paying for the relevant leads that do come through your website.

Why was I sent a chat that has nothing to do with my business?

Our policy at Lasso Live Chat is to send all contacts that come through your website to you in order to ensure that you always have context information should a person reach out to you again in the future. Additionally, some chats could be tangentially related to a client’s field of practice, and we want to give you the final call on which clients you choose to take on or refer to your competitors / partners. However, you will not be billed for chats that are not relevant to your business. Also, some chats may be sent to you with “No Fee” or “No Charge” in the summary if they are obviously not a legitimate chat or if the person has contacted you in the past.

What qualifies as a relevant / legitimate chat?

For us to bill you for a chat, it needs to meet a number of criteria. Namely:

  • We must receive the name of the chatter as well as their phone number / email to pass on to you
  • The chat must fall within your expressed areas of practice / service offerings
  • The chat must contain a summary of the person’s situation
  • The chatter must live in your geographic area

How do I request a credit for a chat that isn’t relevant?

If you receive a chat that doesn’t fit the criteria listed above, you can request a credit for this chat, and will not be billed for it. You can do this by:

  • Hitting “reply” to the chat email and providing a short explanation of why this chat isn’t relevant to your practice / location
  • Clicking the provided “Request No Fee” button that is located at the bottom of the chat email you receive
  • Logging in to the chat management website and clicking the “Request Credit” button

How do you handle billing?

You will receive an invoice each month that details all of the chats for which you are being charged from the month before.

Why does it appear that there are long delays in correspondence on the transcript for a chat?

Our chats take place in real time, and just like any method of communication, there are normal, natural delays that will take place. It is not uncommon for visitors or our chat operators to type a message, edit that message, or delete it and re-write the message, which will appear on the chat transcript as a delay. However, while chatting, both chat operator and visitor will see a “typing indicator” to let the other party know that they are typing a message.

Why does a chat contain spelling / grammatical errors?

Again, our chats take place in real time, and as such, messages are not revised or edited before they are sent so that visitors to your site can receive immediate attention and feedback. We believe that visitors who are familiar with live chat understand this particular nuance.

How long does it take to receive a chat once the chat is completed?

Once our chat operators finish talking to a visitor on your site and receive their contact information, you should receive a summary of the chat, along with a chat transcript, in approximately 5-10 minutes. This delay allows us to weed out some of the junk chats that come through, as there are an unfortunate number of people who find it fun to harass and troll chat operators. Our team happily weeds out the people who are clearly not interested in your services, and packs up the chats and summaries of the people who are to send along to you.

What should I do once I receive a viable chat from Lasso Live Chat?

Once you receive a viable, relevant chat, we recommend that you reach out to that potential client as soon as possible. This greatly increases the chances of that visitor becoming a client, and also makes it less likely that they will have time to reach out to one of your competitors. We also recommend keeping a record of everyone who contacts you through chat. Even if they don’t sign up to become a client immediately, by adding them to your quarterly newsletter list, or sending them promotional material at a later date, you can still turn that visitor into a client at a later point in time.

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