Lasso Live Chat Features

Lasso Live Chat boasts a number of features that have been specifically created to provide a better user experience for both you and visitors to your website.

Lasso-supplied Live Chat Specialists — All Day, Every Day

With Lasso Live Chat, we provide highly-trained, experienced chatters to run the chat on your website, allowing you to focus all of your attention on other aspects of running your business. Day and night, weekends and holidays, our dedicated staff is online and ready to engage with visitors to your website and make sure that not a single potential client goes unnoticed.

Immediate Delivery of Chat Information

Once our chat operators have finished talking to a visitor on your site, their contact information, as well as important information about their reason for visiting your site, is sent to you immediately. You, and anyone else in your office, can receive this information in email or SMS form.

Live Transfer

In addition to our immediate delivery service, Lasso Live Chat offers a Live Transfer feature through which our chat operators can connect visitors to your website to you directly. Using a set of criteria to determine which chats should be transferred, our chat operators can immediately connect clients to you via phone so that you never miss an opportunity to turn visitors to your website into patrons of your business.

Spanish Chat

Whether your site exclusively caters to Spanish speakers or your site targets both English and Spanish speakers, Lasso Live Chat has you covered. We have experienced chat operators who are fluent in both English and Spanish, ready to meet the diverse needs of your site’s target audience.

Analytics Integration

Lasso Live Chat can be easily integrated into your existing analytics services, helping you get a fuller picture of how Lasso Live Chat fits in with and contributes to your overall marketing efforts. Whether you are evaluating analytics on Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Bing, or Yahoo, we can integrate your Lasso Live Chat data into your overall analytics data.

CRM Integration

Similar to providing comprehensive analytics integration, Lasso Live Chat leads can feed directly into existing CRM services you use, including Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Needles, and Clio. Through this service, you can set up your CRM service to automatically send important information to individuals who contact you through Lasso Live Chat.

HIPAA Compliance

At Lasso Live Chat, we take your client’s privacy extremely seriously, and as such, are deeply committed to complying with HIPAA standards. Because chats could contain information of a medical nature, our company has put extensive procedures in place to ensure that this information is protected and remains confidential according to the latest HIPAA guidelines.

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