Become a Lasso Live Chat Referral Partner

Whatever industry you work in, your contacts are valuable. As such, if you know other professionals who you think would benefit from having Lasso Live Chat installed on their websites, we are interested in establishing a referral partnership with you.

By becoming a Lasso Live Chat referral partner, you can make a recurring commission on any business you refer to us from your existing client / contact network.

Benefits of Becoming a Referral Partner

At Lasso Live Chat, we have established referral partnerships with companies big and small, and even individuals. If you are thinking about becoming a Lasso Live Chat referral partner, you stand to benefit from:

  • Recurring monthly commissions
  • No quotas
  • A friendly, honest business relationship with Lasso Live Chat

Why Trust Us?

We know that referring business can be risky, as you are vouching for a company and a product that you cannot control. However, at Lasso Live Chat, we pride ourselves on the service that we provide to all of our customers, and you can feel confident when joining us as a referral partner because:

  • We have conducted millions of chats for clients across a wide variety of industries
  • We set very reasonable and realistic expectations with our clients and the clients of our referral partners
  • We will take responsibility for maintaining the relationships you refer to us – once you make the introduction, we will take care of the rest
  • We will cut you a monthly commission check for your referral

If you are interested in teaming up with Lasso Live Chat as a referral partner, or if you’d simply like more information about partnering with us, please contact Chris Massaro at (888) 774-3293 or email

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