“Our company has been using Lasso Live Chat for 3 months and we have seen an increase in our conversion rate from day one! We are now considering hiring a person to strictly handle our chat clients.

I recommend Lasso Live Chat to anyone who wants to increase incoming traffic to their business. Thank you, Lasso!”

– Kim Steager, Landon Plastic Surgery

“I wanted to give a quick shoutout to the folks over at Lasso; Lasso Chat has been amazing for our company, we’ve had to staff up more people to handle the increased intake volume, and it has not come at the expense of our phone calls or contact form. It is likely one of the best business development decisions we have made for our company. Thank you Lasso!”
– Bradley Lewis, COO — Hairline Ink

“The live chat feature is a very valuable marketing tool and I recommend it to my clients. Lasso will help you interact with people who visit your website. If you are able to follow up, answer questions, and show that you have what they need – they will be much more likely to become your customers. With no name and no phone number you can only hope they’ll call you… I suggest YOU take control of this communication by utilizing the potential of this great marketing tool.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have a system in place for prompt follow up and a carefully designed marketing “funnel” to educate your prospects and convert them into your customers. Work smart and work hard to exceed their expectations along the way and they will become your raving fans! “

– Mike Turajczyk, M.A., C.P.L.C. — Marketing Consultant & Business Model Innovator, Polish Your Business, L.L.C.

“Just wanted to tell you that putting that chat button on my website is the best thing I ever did! Been doing some advertising on the classic rock station in Atlanta and getting endorsed by their drivetime DJ (who just had a hair transplant done by me). This is been driving people to my website and they’ve been hitting that button like crazy! The nice thing is that it captures all those late-night people.”
– Dr. Jonathan Ballon — Aesthetics Hair Restoration

“I can’t imagine having a website without it.”
– Jamie Craig — Renaissance Restoration Inc

“Lasso has turned leads into conversions at a superb rate. When I evaluate these types of resources it comes down to cash flow created. And Lasso delivers on that consistently.”
– Dr. Lloyd M. Krieger, MD — founder and medical director of Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery

“After setting up Lasso Live Chat on our practices’ website, we saw our leads almost triple. Any practice looking to increase leads and conversion on their website should consider adding Lasso.”
– Aaron Feldman — Co-founder of the Foundation for Hair Restoration and Plastic Surgery, & founder of Medical Practice Specialists Inc.
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